Polk Veterinary Clinic

1590 E Ellendale
Dallas, OR 97338



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Posted By :    Vicki Pope
Posted :    3/10/2015
Comments :    Dr. Brotherton is one of the most down-to-earth professionals I have ever experienced. I have complete confidence in her integrity. All our animals have received very good care for reasonable cost. She has weathered through our many "storms" of "dog-drama" with empathy, compassion and realistic solutions.
Posted By :    Marion Lovell
Posted :    1/24/2013
Comments :    I have been taking my dogs to Dr Trina for many years. I always trust her expertise in answering my questions, and doing any procedures!Her and her staff are always ready to help and make me and my dog feel important and cared for!
Posted By :    Kimberly Page  (ToddAndKimberlyBoxers@hotmail.com)
Posted :    9/10/2010
Comments :    We couldn't be happier with the care and service we have received at Polk Vet Clinic! We have had some scary close calls and Dr. Brotherton has always pulled through for us! We came here on a fluke when we needed a vet open on a Saturday, and immediately transferred all of our animals to her. We appreciate the up front pricing (unlike some other clinics that run a bunch of tests and "surprise" you at the end of the visit with an enormous charge), Dr. Brotherton has always been up front and honest and asks permission before doing anything! Most recently we brought our kitten in for a spay, and then turned around 30 minutes later to bring our pregnant boxer in for an emergency C-section. Dr. Brotherton moved mountains to accomodate this emergency and saved our 8 puppies! Then called us hourly until the pups were ready to come home to give us updates on the 10 pets we had there! We are always so thrilled that they go above and beyond everytime we are there. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Posted By :    Dede Perkins
Posted :    8/20/2010
Comments :    Dr. Trina and her staff have treated our furry family members for many years. A true testament is when your pet is happy & eager to visit Polk Veterinary and ours can't wait to get in the door and greet everyone! Always excellent care and always every option for care is offered and explained.Even when we've needed to have a pet put down, it was done with great care and compassion.They are the best!
Posted By :    Helen Haddix
Posted :    7/23/2010
Comments :    This is the place where my "kids" (Weims) are given the best care available. Dr. Trina and her staff have supported me and mine through all types of situations - good and bad to the point of traumatic - and pulled off some spectacular triage and surgeries. We are all better off for being in her capable hand.
Posted By :    Lorraine Westfahl
Posted :    7/17/2010
Comments :    My family has been taking our beloved cat, Snowball, to Polk Vet Clinic for more than 7 years. The facility is always clean and the staff is very courteous and personable. Dr. Brotherton always makes us feel like she has all the time in the world for us and answers all of our questions and even address questions we don't think to ask. We have always been completely satisfied we the care our pet receives and have referred friends and family to Polk Vet Clinic. We look forward to many more exceptional experiences with Dr. Brotherton and her staff.
Posted By :    Donna Nelson
Posted :    7/14/2010
Comments :    This is one of the absolute best places you could take your pet for care. We had an exceptionally high quality male Rottie that received a traumatic injury to his testicles and as it became increasing apparent after all options were explored, that surgery was needed. Everything above and beyond the call duty was done to save the one viable testicle, as we really wanted a litter of puppies from this guy. The kind of care you get for your animals in this clinic is equal to the Mayo Clinic for humans, caring, excellent surgical facility, and a well educated, compassionate staff, extremely clean surgical facility and examining rooms. The staff is very compassionate and caring in time of crisis or for just routine visits. They know you by first name and remember you and your pets. I have used the particular doctor for many years and in many situations. Here is what Tyler, Sadie, Muffy, Einstein, Stuart, Shadow, Tootsie, China, Tilly, Sam, Lady, have to say about Dr. Brotherton, "please, please take me in the room first," as they are excited to be in the clinic and are excited to see the doctor, which when you have several Rotties and many other pets this is saying something. In my 35 years of owning pets, and training animals finding a vet that you can trust and that will be around for years is something that does not come along every day. You and your pets are treated like part of the family in this clinic. So take your pets here for the best care you will ever receive.
Posted By :    Cindy Pettit
Posted :    7/14/2010
Comments :    This is the best veterinary clinic in the Willamette Valley. If you want to have the best for your pets - prevention, diagnosis, surgery & follow up care this is where you & your loved ones should be. When I lived in Oregon I would drive 45 minutes one way to get to Dr. Trina and my 76 year old mother still does. When my pets were with Dr. Trina & her staff I never had to worry about the quality of care; I had total confidence in them and could trust their advice. I wish I had Dr. Trina where I live now.
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